Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crayon Chronicles

This will be the "Box Art" required for our eventual Xbox 360 Indie Channel submission.
This is also our first public showing of ANY of our art for Outer Grid's first game:
Crayon Chronicles

Hope you like.


  1. I just saw the Kickstarted video and the game looks amazing and it sounds like the fun, turn-based RPG game I used to play all the time.

    MY QUESTION: Since I am such a loser and don't even have a credit card, would you accept a Paypal donation?

    If so, please let me know as I want to give this project whatever modest backing I can give it.

    Thanks, eh.

    1. Hi T Burns, I'm thrilled you're interested in our game. :) It is likely we will use Paypal and/or other payment services to handle sales of the game that we could also use to fulfill some of our kickstarter tiers. However not every tier will be available in this way, and I'm not sure yet when we will have this ready to go. If you go to our website at and add your email to our mailing list, I can update you when an option like this becomes available.

    2. I also wish you could accept paypal :(
      Is it because paypal fees are too much?

    3. Hi Platillo, thanks for caring. :) The fees are not an issue, my partner and I are swamped with stuff to do now, and we need to be clear and fair about what we offer through Paypal. Rest assured, we are likely to offer this option, but I think it's only fair to do so once the kickstarter has met it's goal. Once that happens, we will likely get a paypal option up for those who are interested.
      Thank you again for asking. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. :)

  2. Ok. Thanks, Zimm.

    Speaking as a game artist myself(former, actually. Couldn't handle the unsteadiness of the field despite it being the most fun I've ever had working - when the work was there), I am thrilled about the visual style.

    Realism is always nice but when someone can develop a highly-stylized look to a game such as you have done, it really stands out as an achievement in my book.

    All the best!

  3. Joined mailing list like a mail-joining-list bastid!

  4. Thanks for the paypal option! Just donated $5 :)